Ecommerce / Web Development

Canadian eCommerce sales are $22billion and going to $40Bn by 2016. However, the lost opportunity is that only 13% of Canadian businesses are selling online and 87% are not! Do you want to be part of the 13% that is growing multi-fold or the other 87% that is losing this opportunity every day?

As these figure suggest, retailers and small businesses need to fully embrace e-Commerce solution in order to thrive, without any digital presence are destined to disappear. Today’s consumers own different devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, gadgets and expects an online shopping experience that quick, easy and user friendly.

As a part of our e-Commerce and Website development agency service here in Toronto, Canada we crafting beautiful and functional e-Commerce website and seamless multi-platform engagement with customers by converting a lead to a sale and then continuing the relationship with after sales service. We treat e-Commerce as an ECOSYSTEM. If you have one already, we will optimize it. If you don’t, we will build one for you. Building this eco-system is necessary – from backend customized inventory management system, beautiful website design, user interface, online check out, payment gateway and dispute resolution. Your products can be sold on an application or a website. Be part of the growing e-Commerce market and drive out competition before it comes into a position to drive you out!

Your website should be adaptive and work on all devices. Mobile generates 70% plus leads!



Enabled B2B and B2C digital engagement for one of the largest Communication companies in Mississauga & Brampton. We sat down with the team and clearly understood their quarterly, bi-annual and annual objectives. Based on core objectives, we built two separate strategies for each segment (Business and Consumer).
Consumer strategy consisted of an integrated digital strategy to generate consumer engagement, generate queries via emails, call-ins and build their foot traffic. We manage all components of this strategy including creative’s, social, website, PPC, content & BI.
B2B strategy included email marketing, new partner registrations, after sales service, bulk discounts etc.
Work: Strategy, Search, Social Management, Web Management, Email Marketing, BI & Creative’s.
Properties built & managed:

Federal Auction Services

One of the iconic auction company based out of Vancouver. Major transformation from traditional advertising to digital media, rope in new younger clients and establish ‘Digital’ credibility amongst geographically diverse markets.

Our challenge was to show our presence on various digital forums, get customer reviews and experience and share it with new customers. Based on the auction schedule we pick the campaign, it can be geo-location based (auctions in Calgary, Vancouver, Mississauga) or Ethnic based (Mainstream, Chinese, Persian, Sub-continent). Embracing a digital strategy helped them to be more focused and increase ROI multi-fold.

We developed a complete integrated strategy based on auction schedules, core target segments, message required to get across, auction invites & auction sales.

Six months into digital activation, Federal Auction is ranked number 1 in Canada for auctions, web traffic up 4 time over past three months with no online advertising. No, a new younger breed of customer registrations. Auction is back in Fashion!

Work: Strategy, Search, Social Management, BI & Creatives.

Areas: eCommer, Social, Content/SEO, BI


One of the leading Shared Economy companies in Canada, which let you get stuff done. Assignment consisted of consulting with the client to evolve this startup into a revenue recognizing company with clear scope development of its algorithm and setting a direction for its next 3 year growth, locally and internationally.

Entire operations were revamped, three year forecast, scope document for development team, setting SOPs, managing digital marketing, outsourcing, employee training, recruitment to investor pitching decks were part of the job scope.

Shared economy is here to stay and at the end of the project, Askfortask was on a growth mode with clear revenue recognition with its website, mobile apps, helpline etc live and running.

Work: Strategy, Operations, Outsourcing, Search, Social Management, Email Marketing, BI,  & Management.

Ospreywoodlabs Inc

A very innovative initiative by creative Canadian minds to generate electricity from heat and marketing this invention to non for profit agencies around the world was the objective. There are more than 1.2Billion people without access to electricity and Ospreywoodlabs’ invention can impact millions of lives. We build their identity, website, content, and managed their social touchpoints. This was our small contribution towards changing livings of millions.

Work: Strategy, Website, Search, Social Management

Brillion International

A financial conglomerate with group of companies looking at facilitating customers and acquiring both local and international customers for their several businesses. We created their identity and gave them a web presence on which they could expand in the future.

Team Urooj

A real estate centric business for local and international customers looking to purchase, rent or invest in housing market in Greater Toronto Area. The strategy was built to create an identity, web presence, work on social for new immigrants in Canada. Social page was appropriately named as ‘Canadian Dreams’ and we also equipped the site with optimization on Google search engine.

Fastening House Atlantic

There is nothing brick and mortar about building an eCommerce platform for one of the largest construction material supplier in the Atlantic Canada. With over 35,000 inventory items from over 50 suppliers Fastening House Atlantic is one of the pioneers in embracing digital and eCommerce for its very conventional ‘brick and mortar’ business. We not only built their eCommerce platform, but also manage their digital footprint.

Work at: SEO + Web + App + Social + Creative

Illustrate Inc

Building backend insurance softwares involves core insurance functional knowledge backed up by core processing tools and web interface. These are complex softwares equipping Insurance companies to take advantage of quick quotations for their clients and business partners. MQT helps develop software that enables insurance business to leverage digital age.

Clarified Partners

Disrupting the traditional Finance, taxation and accounting market place. Clarified Partners offer experience financial services curated just for you. This is quick and easy. Tell them your requirements and they will shortlist the most experienced professional for you and ensure your experience is as per your expectations. Its Uber for financial services.


Natural health supplements are required by all ages, Greeniche has the largest portfolio of Made In Canada Natural Supplements, They believe in Passion for Life, healthy living and encourage you to do the same. They supplements are Vegan, Halal and Kosher. Our task is to strategize its digital and eCommerce strategy to drive more sales and build its corporate positioning amongst the key segment. We have re-strategized their entire goto market strategy and are working with the team on Social, Web and Search improvements. Passion for life!

Work at: Web + SEO + SEM + Social + Strategy