Apple sold 13M iPhones in 2015! Your customers are constantly upgrading to newer technologies but is your business keeping pace with them? Mobile App development is one of the fastest-growing spheres of the game development industry over the last 10 years in Greater Toronto area.
We are reaching a point where more than 55% retail traffic is driven through mobiles. Our mobile game development team has extensively worked on all major platforms including the iPhone, android, and windows.

Don’t be left behind. Match the pace by working with us and we will help you predict the environment and make a roadmap to encash this trend. Mobiles will keep on becoming smarter, quicker and it’s our job to give you a mobile centric plan. From adaptive websites to Mobile App development, includes “Android App & IOS App”, Mobile payment solutions, Sales leads and closing the actual sale – mobile is the backbone.

We will open a new revenue stream or grow your existing one with minimum investment. It all starts with a query!


An application with a well-defined user interface can make the pre-sale and sales very convenient for customers. It helps in retaining customers and generate repeat sales. Android or iOS or Facebook applications can be a vital tool in facilitating sales. Search driven user interface will further enhance the experience for the key segments.

We are a premium service provider in Mobile Application development and Digital marketing in Greater Toronto, Canada with a dedicated App Development team in Toronto can a build an Apps from the user interface to the quality control and implementation. We embrace the latest technologies to deliver the best App solutions includes Android App development, iPhone apps development, iPad Apps development and Facebook App development, that address our client’s business challenges and achieves the bottom line results. Our Work is done simultaneously on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and or Cross-platform so that the go to market time is minimized.

Building the Mobile Apps is just the first step. To drive traffic, we provide app store optimization, keyword definition, user feedback analysis and app updates. Get the full package here.


Gaming and entertainment are a rapidly growing industry worth billions of dollars globally. Millions of smartphone users and tech-savvy people spend their time playing games on their mobiles, laptops and or tablets. MQT Global is a full service Game development agency located in Mississauga, Canada. With a team of dedicated App development in Toronto, the games we designed and developed to entertain, addictive in nature and with a prospective to attract the users and encourage them to involve in it. Our core game services work for multiple platforms on IOS, Android and or Cross platform. We enjoy aiding our clients to turn their creative ideas into games so that publish in leading App stores and go-to market.
Mobile games provide a huge opportunity to engage with customers and develop a long term relationship. Some of the gaming facts are mind boggling:

27% of mobile gamers in North America are 35-50 years old. 10% are over 50.

Games aren’t just for kids. The person playing a game next to you on the bus is more likely to be a parent, or even a grandparent. 38% of Candy Crush users have at least one child. 74% of moms say they play video games. When running mobile ad campaigns, advertisers have the opportunity to reach a wide range of demographics. The population of older gamers is significant and growing fast.
There are more female mobile gamers (56%) in North America than male (44%).
(Source: EEDAR)

Women in gaming has been an impassioned issue in 2014, but suffice it to say, there are plenty of women who play games of all types – from puzzle games to battle games. In fact, a Q3 2014 report from EEDAR says women actually trump men in terms of game time.
In 2014, mobile gamers in North America spent an average of $32.65 on games.
(Source: EEDAR)

While in-app purchases frustrate some, its evident consumers are willing to spend money both purchasing apps and paying for goods within them. Last year, this added up to a worldwide mobile gaming market worth a whopping $16 billion. This was up 2.9 times higher than the previous year and the market is projected to grow even more by 2016.
62% of all gamers play with others, either online or in-person.
(Source: ESA)

Gaming is no longer a solitary affair. With the emergence of social networks, and the proliferation of smartphones, people more often play games with family and friends. About 32 percent of users play with other family members. Building opportunities for social connection into games may help publishers drive the growth of their games over time.
We can help you convert your idea into a ready to play 2D or 3D game at a reasonable budget.



One of the leading Shared Economy companies in Canada, which let you get stuff done. Assignment consisted of consulting with the client to evolve this startup into a revenue recognizing company with clear scope development of its algorithm and setting a direction for its next 3 year growth, locally and internationally.

Entire operations were revamped, three year forecast, scope document for development team, setting SOPs, managing digital marketing, outsourcing, employee training, recruitment to investor pitching decks were part of the job scope.

Shared economy is here to stay and at the end of the project, Askfortask was on a growth mode with clear revenue recognition with its website, mobile apps, helpline etc live and running.

Work: Strategy, Operations, Outsourcing, Search, Social Management, Email Marketing, BI,  & Management.


App store built more than 110 apps, free to download, along with App store optimization and driving downloads for these applications to drive revenues from Google Advertising. Couple of apps have touched more than 50k plus downloads and one hitting 100kplus . This all is without any investment on PPC or advertising.

Please see the complete portfolio below:

Fastening House Atlantic

There is nothing brick and mortar about building an eCommerce platform for one of the largest construction material supplier in the Atlantic Canada. With over 35,000 inventory items from over 50 suppliers Fastening House Atlantic is one of the pioneers in embracing digital and eCommerce for its very conventional ‘brick and mortar’ business. We not only built their eCommerce platform, but also manage their digital footprint.

Work at: SEO + Web + App + Social + Creative