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Action speaks louder than pitches! In digital we cherish the opportunity to show you the results we promised. We ensure we share monthly detailed reports with our clients and discuss with them how to growth further or what improvements we can make for them to gain even more steeper objectives. We ensure the ROI is there for the client and unnecessary quick gains are avoided. Our aim always is to build advocacy amongst consumers, both business to business or business to consumer.


Enabled B2B and B2C digital engagement for one of the largest Communication companies in Mississauga & Brampton. We sat down with the team and clearly understood their quarterly, bi-annual and annual objectives. Based on core objectives, we built two separate strategies for each segment (Business and Consumer).
Consumer strategy consisted of an integrated digital strategy to generate consumer engagement, generate queries via emails, call-ins and build their foot traffic. We manage all components of this strategy including creative’s, social, website, PPC, content & BI.
B2B strategy included email marketing, new partner registrations, after sales service, bulk discounts etc.
Work: Strategy, Search, Social Management, Web Management, Email Marketing, BI & Creative’s.
Properties built & managed:

Federal Auction Services

One of the iconic auction company based out of Vancouver. Major transformation from traditional advertising to digital media, rope in new younger clients and establish ‘Digital’ credibility amongst geographically diverse markets.

Our challenge was to show our presence on various digital forums, get customer reviews and experience and share it with new customers. Based on the auction schedule we pick the campaign, it can be geo-location based (auctions in Calgary, Vancouver, Mississauga) or Ethnic based (Mainstream, Chinese, Persian, Sub-continent). Embracing a digital strategy helped them to be more focused and increase ROI multi-fold.

We developed a complete integrated strategy based on auction schedules, core target segments, message required to get across, auction invites & auction sales.

Six months into digital activation, Federal Auction is ranked number 1 in Canada for auctions, web traffic up 4 time over past three months with no online advertising. No, a new younger breed of customer registrations. Auction is back in Fashion!

Work: Strategy, Search, Social Management, BI & Creatives.

Areas: eCommer, Social, Content/SEO, BI

Volkswagen Bramgate

One of the premier Volkswagen Dealership in Brampton. Key goal was to create awareness around new premises, good customer experiences and build digital PR around the iconic VW brand.

We built an integrated strategy, focusing on location, ‘family of customers and make sure that they site is ranked as No. 1 when customers are searching for new or pre-owned VW vehicles. Customer testimonies, Bramgate Family, Employee of the month and other such initiatives exhibited a very family friendly atmosphere of this dealership and attracted referrals from existing customers too.

Work: Strategy, Search, Social Management, BI & Creatives.


One of the leading Shared Economy companies in Canada, which let you get stuff done. Assignment consisted of consulting with the client to evolve this startup into a revenue recognizing company with clear scope development of its algorithm and setting a direction for its next 3 year growth, locally and internationally.

Entire operations were revamped, three year forecast, scope document for development team, setting SOPs, managing digital marketing, outsourcing, employee training, recruitment to investor pitching decks were part of the job scope.

Shared economy is here to stay and at the end of the project, Askfortask was on a growth mode with clear revenue recognition with its website, mobile apps, helpline etc live and running.

Work: Strategy, Operations, Outsourcing, Search, Social Management, Email Marketing, BI,  & Management.

Ospreywoodlabs Inc

A very innovative initiative by creative Canadian minds to generate electricity from heat and marketing this invention to non for profit agencies around the world was the objective. There are more than 1.2Billion people without access to electricity and Ospreywoodlabs’ invention can impact millions of lives. We build their identity, website, content, and managed their social touchpoints. This was our small contribution towards changing livings of millions.

Work: Strategy, Website, Search, Social Management

Brillion International

A financial conglomerate with group of companies looking at facilitating customers and acquiring both local and international customers for their several businesses. We created their identity and gave them a web presence on which they could expand in the future.


App store built more than 110 apps, free to download, along with App store optimization and driving downloads for these applications to drive revenues from Google Advertising. Couple of apps have touched more than 50k plus downloads and one hitting 100kplus . This all is without any investment on PPC or advertising.

Please see the complete portfolio below:

Team Urooj

A real estate centric business for local and international customers looking to purchase, rent or invest in housing market in Greater Toronto Area. The strategy was built to create an identity, web presence, work on social for new immigrants in Canada. Social page was appropriately named as ‘Canadian Dreams’ and we also equipped the site with optimization on Google search engine.


Nestle Crunch is one of the largest sugar launches in the Sub-continent and a when a global brand was launching in a new market, social had to play a key role here. Social touch-points used here were Facebook, Twitter coupled with Search, Live Streaming, Videos and Mobile site. The Crunch Mascot Sharky was given a personality of a prankster and just like any other prankster had visibility on all social networks and consumer were addressed directly. The campaign was a huge success and became a benchmark in Nestle Global on how to launch in new markets

Lux Unilevers

We have been partners with Lux Style Awards since 2007 and helped LSA climb its digital ladder. From collecting votes via SMS, voice and social networks we facilitated and created one of the most engaging entertainment equities in Pakistan. On a vibrant fan page, this is alive throughout the year in form of live chats and premium Pakistani entertainment content on luxstyles.pk. These are truly Pakistani Oscars.


Pakistan’s largest Mobile Operator rolled out its Business Solution Division- Mobilink Business. A strategy was put together to best utilize social touch points and facilitate conversations and generate lead. A comprehensive digital strategy was developed with a Lead Management application facilitating the conversations into leads. Resultant a well integrated digital roll-out with a new web site equipped with tools, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Lead Management integration with relevant content driven conversation emerged and eventually lead to true engagement.

Strategy & Website


Maggi is an iconic global brand of Nestle and the challenge was to work under strict guidelines of Nestle advertising, and target mom here.

Our key component to this campaign was Content, coupled with celebrity narrating it. We used Maggi recipes content and spread them key social touchpoints popular with mothers. Making it adaptive on mobility devices can come into play. The campaign had great traction, Maggi gained the bases point it was looking to gain out of this.


In order to authenticate Nokia’s cell phone being sold in four different countries, we provided a short code 66542 (Nokia) which connected 17 operators with a sole purpose of authentication. This resulted in increase of sale of Nokia sets. This was implemented in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Our database was working with global inventories in Singapore for this solution, which reduced counterfeited Nokia handsets and ensured consumers are facilitated within their respective Countries.


Dove’s “Real Bond Of Friendship” campaign was launched where two friends would use a facebook app and evaluate how well their know each other, based on their score, both stood a chance to win a grand prize to go to Dubai and shop. This was seeded by videos of friends using the app, we had videos out of this experience and brand supported us with amplification on traditional media, resulting in one of the most engaging campaigns of 2012.

A campaign focusing on the views of Pakistani women regarding true beauty, and a supporting Facebook application which allowed females to nominate inspiring female figureheads around them was initiated by Converge.