Shared Economy


If you are looking at extending your team to reach a solution or solve a problem, our team can work as that extension and help your team achieve results that they are capable of. Sometimes migration from existing business SOPs to new innovative ones needs hand holding and breaking the clutter in thinking. We can work on a short term or a long-term basis along with your team to get the job done. Setting up an eCommerce portal, building platforms for managing leads or training employee in the use of new technologies can all be part of the consultancy assignment.



If you don’t have a Chief Digital Officer, why not have a session with us on what a CDO can do? Open your perspective on what technology can give you – from branding, sales, retail to customer feedback. How can the business assets leverage technologies? Find out with tailored training session which can be a for a day or for a week. The take away will be a digital roadmap which is a part of the management plans. Our prep includes complete study of the client and the digital eco-system they work in, with competitive analysis as an outsider, considering all factors that the management can take action on.


One of the leading Shared Economy companies in Canada, which let you get stuff done. Assignment consisted of consulting with the client to evolve this startup into a revenue recognizing company with clear scope development of its algorithm and setting a direction for its next 3 year growth, locally and internationally.

Entire operations were revamped, three year forecast, scope document for development team, setting SOPs, managing digital marketing, outsourcing, employee training, recruitment to investor pitching decks were part of the job scope.

Shared economy is here to stay and at the end of the project, Askfortask was on a growth mode with clear revenue recognition with its website, mobile apps, helpline etc live and running.

Work: Strategy, Operations, Outsourcing, Search, Social Management, Email Marketing, BI,  & Management.