New Product Launch

SYNCS is your all-in-one smart product line including home fitness tracker that gives you a microscopic view of your health, smart scale and speaker range. This is a range of products developed from inception by our team. Brands, Positions, Packaging, Imagery and entire launch campaign conceived with our client.

Call to Action

Syncs brand was developed to be a hero on online platforms. Its launch website demonstrated the key product features and lifestyle visuals. These were also adapted for marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Trademark & Brand Registry

We work with our client on a long term basis and advise them to safeguard the brand and invest in Trademark and Brand Registry.These items are often ignored, but for a new product launch, are absolutely essential. We help our clients to co-innovate end to end, leaving no loose ends.

Our Portfolio

Discover the successes our collaborative partnerships have facilitated. Businesses trust us to create strategies that work at every level.


Wellness segment is a thriving online segment as consumers are working on building their immunity against Covid and other threats. Herboganics serves this segment and there is a challenge of keeping the digital platforms updated as new products are being rolled out.


Supplybox is one of the leading online Food Service eCommerce Portal serving the segment Canada-wide. It carries more that 8,000 SKUs in its portfolio and does doorstep delivery at very competitive rates.

Britannia Biscuits USA

One of the most iconic global companies with roots in India, is establishing its online sales channel in the USA and we are working with them to make this happen.

Fastening House Atlantic

Enabling a traditional construction industry based Business to Business company into adopting an online sales strategy consisted of training the management team and changing the ways of doing business.

Shan Foods

Enabling the world’s sixth largest spice company to adopt an Online Omni Channel Strategy was a very rewarding journey. We had to overcome the challenge of selling a $2 product online without a price increase while keeping the pick and pack, logistics and shipping costs extremely competitive.

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