The 3 Essentials To Building Your Brand On Social Media.

Social media in the recent years has emerged as a powerful platform to create and showcase brand awareness. Be it selling products, gaining subscribers, luring in customers with attractive products, social media presents itself as an ideal digital marketing channel  for  businesses.
A business holds the power to encourage desirable actions from users by its brand awareness and authority on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest etc. A recent research conducted says that nearly 71 percent of the brands resort to the savvy use of social media to promote their brand and build brand reputation. Canadian eCommerce Market in 2016 showed a steady growth in the eCommerce industry which is expected to reach a total of $40 billion by 2018. By the year 2018, Canada will have nearly 20 million digital buyers on social media.

Do you wish to build your brand on social media and emerge as leading name in your industry? Our experts at MQT Global suggest 3 Essential to build your brand:


When it comes to social media, Facebook is the name that cannot be ignored. Many times, social media is considered almost synonyms with Facebook. The best part about Facebook is its large very heterogeneous user base that is ideal for promoting virtually any type of brand. It allows businesses to create “Facebook Page” or “groups” where pictures and videos of products are shared and interested customers can very easily contact the business. Another innovative feature like Facebook Live allows business to grab the attention of its customers and create brand awareness by filming their products or services live.  Businesses that opt for paid content on Facebook are able to showcase their products or services to a large and very diverse consumer base on the website.


Content that is visually appealing and is in the forms of pictures or videos tend to get more views. A promising social media platform is Instagram which allows content to be shared in pictures and videos. Instagram is an ideal option for brands that are greatly inclined towards images for eg, clothing, cosmetic companies and retailers. Instagram is very popular amongst teenagers and young adults, therefore business that target young people should consider joining Instagram. It also features like Instagram Live, Instagram Story etc that allow business to create brand awareness for the products.  Instagram also provides paid or sponsored content to give products a wider exposure to the users on the application.


Another excellent medium to reach out to consumers through images is Pinterest. By creating an account on Pinterest, brands can reach out to diverse groups of users on the website and share their products with them. Pinterest also happens to have a considerably large and diverse user base providing good exposure to businesses seeking to build their brand.
Social media renders powerful and effective ways to create and uncover new leads for brand building if it is used appropriately.  If businesses fail to use it appropriately, it all will be a waste of energy, also it may alienate tour brand to its users. Ideally, businesses should device a social media strategy for this purpose. However, if business prioritize the importance of social media and share good content, businesses will be successfully able to build and strengthen its brands.

Build you Brand now and take step to make it to the next level. Act now!

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