Why Live Chat Support is Crucial for Your Business Website

Everyone agrees that provision of quality customer service goes a long way helping your business grow. After all, your very own customers carry the word about your services around and help build your customer base.
Recently, many commercial websites have implemented the Live Chat Support feature
Here are some reasons why Live Chat Support is crucial to your commercial website;

Live Chat provide real time assistance to online customers

The purpose of Live Chat is to give real time answers to customers’ queries as they visit the website. This allows customers to get the answers to their queries without having to leave the website and contact the business representative. As the customer’s queries are addressed in real time on the website, it tends to boost the customer’s confidence in the shopping experience. It also has positive impact on conversion rates. A survey concluded that 68% of Canada online shoppers resort to live chat and 63% of customers return to the website with live chat for repeated buys.

Live Chat helps your business save on costs

As customers get their queries catered in real time through Live Chat on the website; it boosts the business’s average order value. It also cuts down product return expenses as the Live Chat representative allows buyers to pick the right product with the specifications they were looking for. Ensures that customers are satisfied with product they are buying. It also significantly cuts the total helpdesk costs by lowering the waiting queue time. Live Chat can be optimized to handle multiple customer chats at a time, curbing the need to hire more agents.

Gain Competitive Advantage

It’s more important than ever to establish your own standing amongst the competitors. Considering the importance of staying competitive in the industry, even small and medium-sized businesses have started to provide real time customer support. Have you?

Boost Conversions and Sales

Live Chat Support is almost as good as a sales man walking you down the store and answering your queries about the products; except it’s on a website rather than a store. Live Chat builds confidence in your customer and allows the customers to have a positive shopping experience; they are more likely to revisit the website. This boosts your business’s sales. Many surveys conclude that Live Chat can lead to 20% positive increase in your online sales.
It is important that the Live Chat representatives are properly trained and have great insight into the products the business is selling. In this way representatives will be able to give useful information to the customers and recommend additional purchases to fit the customer’s tastes.

Builds long-term relationships

Once a customer is given a positive shopping experience, they are statistically proven to make frequent visits to the website. Almost 63% of customers who were assisted through Live Chat revert back to the website than the customers who don’t. This helps in building long term relationships with the customers. When your customers feel that their voice is reaching the person behind the business, it builds into a stronger rapport.

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