5 Simple Ways To Help Website Visitors Become Customers

Your eCommerce website is the face of your business and the label of your digital presence on the internet. It is the most crucial marketing and advertising platform for your business. Daily, hundreds of thousands of visitors and potential customers visit the website; it is important that your site converts this traffic.
How can you counter your website’s high bounce rate and help website visitors become customers?

Here is what our experts at MQT have to say;
1. Clear and Concise Brand Message
The secret of the websites with the highest conversion rate is not to baffle and overwhelm the visitors with long and minuscule-font texts right on the Home Page. Trust us; no visitor will manage out more than 5 seconds (or less) of time to go through what you chose to write on the Home. Your website needs to have captured the interest of the visitor in the course of few seconds. By keeping the main brand message concise and catchy, you can make these visitors stick to your site.
Perform a test! Step into the shoes of a customer and browse your business website from your mobile device. See if the menu and buttons are easy to select and use. See if the checkout process is a bit dragged and can be streamlined. This test will help you spot and troubleshoot any technological glitches you may find. It is important to ensure that your helpline is click-to-call.

2. Create a Call-To-Action.
A strong call-to-action on your website is what can get you ahead in your business. Use engaging CTA’s like “Take a Tour,” “Where To Find Us,” “Make An Appointment with us Today”, “Call now” or “Buy Now.” Make sure your CTA’s are not boring and can engage the visitor unlike “Learn More.”

3. Fresh Content is Important
Content is King.” Yes, it is. Once a user visits your website, the odds are they will make visits in future as well. It is now your responsibility to generate fresh content to entertain them i.e. Textual and creatives; Fresh, new and useful content will provide visitors to convert and come back to your website for more. Assure your visitors that you will have informative content aligned for them, each time they make a visit. It is crucial that your business invests in high-quality content. This will sit well in getting your website good search engine rankings too.

4. Designate Relevant Pages
Many website owners neglect the fact the entire traffic must not be channeled to the website’s homepage. Landing pages must be created to highlight and promote your business’s specific products and services. By creating landing pages, visitors to the website can just navigate to the landing page that meets their interests and need. Ensure that the landing pages are informative yet specific, as they play an active role in raising the conversion rates.

5. Incorporating Responsive Designs
An astonishing amount of website traffic is driven by mobile phone users. If your website is not optimized and adapted to mobile devices; your website is going to face higher ratios of bounce rate. By incorporating responsive designs, you make your website compatible and adaptable to all platforms.
We at MQT Global are trained to provide you the best on the Internet. Join hands with us today and help us build you more.

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