Social media is constantly evolving. It has been influenced and diversified to become a central hub for everything for everyone. Everything, you name it. It has quickly emerged to be an ideal platform not just to interact or socialize but to conduct e-commerce too.

Needless to say, the future of social commerce is bright. It has inherently redefined the concept of buying and selling online. Today, some of the top leading brands and companies have embraced social commerce as a new channel to make sales and transactions. It has enabled many businesses to engage with many customers in a way that is both building the brand and is proving profitable for the company altogether. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, provide both the buyers and sellers the ever-growing possibility to get what they want, in a way that is more fun and easy. Social commerce is enabling what other online shopping websites could not cater to_ fun, direct contact and the “familiarity” with the shopping platform.

The result social commerce rendered was an absolute success. It has played a major role in boosting the consumer’s interest in a variety of products and services. This led to boost in sales, as more and more consumers are choosing to use their phones to shop and make online purchases than walking into a store. With social media platforms like Facebook, businesses are now able to interact with their customers from emoticons and assuring live video. Facebook Live feature has been successfully utilized by brands to entertain and catch the interests of many customers and page “followers.”  The same role is played by Twitter in helping customers “Discover” the brand. Pinterest and Instagram are also great avenues for social commerce. Many retailers and marketers are now resorting to inspirational and catching posts on these picture-based social platforms, and this has steadily boosted the branding impact. These posts are meant to augment the consumer’s imagination that they have associated with a particular brand.

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