Many businesses had to make this crucial decision over the last decade – “To expand the business channels with e-Commerce or to not to do it”.

Running a business, regardless of its size; big or small comes with massive decision making and planning aimed at the business growth and its overall progress. What important here is, to make these decisions at the right and most convenient time.

Operating a business in the highly growing 21st-century economy, it is essential and very inevitable for manufacturers and entrepreneurs to consider moving the business online. There are many advantages of extending your business online and going e-commerce. The most immediate and best advantage any business obtains from going online is a 24/7/365 day availability. Where your store down the lane closes every evening at 8, your online store always stays open to customers.

Taking your business online gives your business exposure on a platform as big as the internet, with more customers reaching out to you. Going online is like virtually constructing a store on the internet without having to pay for costs of construction, purchasing more equipment and hiring full-time resource.

Here are few points you need to consider to start e-Commerce store:

Understanding the costs

Cost always plays a pivotal role in making most of the business decisions. Going online requires considerable upfront investment, ranging from min. $5,000 and $10,000 to build, create and launch a website.

Launching your online website

Launching your website maybe the most difficult part of this whole process, but once you get the hang of it, it will be a fun process for you. Launching the website is much easier if a site-building platform is used.

Visual must play an important role in Look n Feel but more focus should be made on the improving the User experience and Content. It is advised you consult a professional Digital agency to help you launch your website. It is recommended to not save money in this area.

Enhancing the mobile shopping experience

When you extend your business online, you are enhancing the shopping experience for your customers. It is globally observed that nearly 20% of all online shopping is done by users on tablets and Smartphones. Despite that, not every website makes them properly optimized. While building the website, efforts and time must be put into making it as user-friendly as possible. Make sure it is designed in a way that captures your customer’s attention as it fit to screen when login to any device.

Mobile Apps

The last few years were all about Mobile Apps taking over our lives. With everyone owning a Smartphone these days, it is the best way for any business to interact with its customers and to offer them a satisfactory shopping experience. Developing a Mobile App will not only boost your sales, it will prove to be an easier and systematic way for your business to conduct transactions. With Mobile Apps complaint management solutions can also be responded to promptly.

Marketing Strategy and Roll Out plan

Great marketing campaigns emanate from a solid initial strategy. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Failure to plan is planning to fail“.

The most challenging part of running an online store is not setting it up, but it’s “How to market it”. What’s more important is that you need to make a balance between your Go to marketing strategies as you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket.

With the experts at MQT Global, we can help you achieve your very own online store and help you expand your online avenues to commerce. We combine intelligence, technology, and creativity to give your business the best exposure online. Join our hands in making your business big today.

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