We all own a mobile phone, don’t we? We use it to capture memories, pay our bills, stream movies and to shop endlessly. A decade back, many predicted that mobile phones and mobile phone apps would become the future of online shopping. Now that prediction has become a constant reality. Mobile phones are hailed as the most used devices that are being used by more than half of the world’s population to “shop online.”

2015 saw a dramatic change in mobile traffic taking over the desktop traffic. Recent statistics revealed that Mobile phones now account for 50.3% e-commerce traffic while computers account for only 49.7%. Modern businesses are, therefore, adamant over adopting and emphasizing the dire need of creating Mobile Apps and mobile friendly shopping platform for their clients.

Knowing that nearly half of all the e-commerce traffic is being generated by the mobile phone devices, many businesses with an e-commerce channel, have upgraded their websites to make it more compatible for mobile phone viewing.  Many businesses have gone a step ahead and developed specialized Mobile Apps to improve their customer’s shopping experience.

Our innovative tech advisers and developers at MQT, are well aware of the evolving e-commerce demands of both the business and customers of the business. We are aware of how the changing technology and improving shopping experience go together. While mobile phones will keep on getting smarter, so would your business.  The world is using Mobile! Why aren’t you?

It was inevitable a few years back, but now it’s an imperative: an e-commerce business cannot be operated successfully without catering to the mobile users. It is a terrific idea to develop a Mobile App. But if you have a website, that is not compatible for viewing on mobile devices; your business is waving some potential customers goodbye already!

Businesses have evaluated and considered the huge number of users that are surfing the Internet more from mobile phones than they did from any tablet or desktop.

As mentioned earlier, statistically speaking, more potential customers are highly likely to use your company’s website from a mobile phone rather than a laptop.  This piece of information can go a long way in opening profitable avenues for your business and making a greater shopping experience for your customers. The highly competitive e-commerce industry has made customers open to a lot of options. If they do not find shopping from your website comfortable and total headache, they will move to some other vendor. Another statistic reveals that due to a bad mobile shopping experience, 40% of the users turn to a business competitor. Surprisingly 84% of them will continue with a mobile transaction despite the difficulty.

If this is not the greatest opportunity for your e-commerce business, then what is? Go Mobile today! Join hands with MQT today in giving your business a mobile-centric plan.


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