What do most business owners want the most? To drive sales and generate the leads. It has to be the major goal for many entrepreneurs across the globe. Many campaigns are lead to trigger a response out of the customers and to make them follow a particular course of action. Often these “direct-response” campaigns are all about urging customers to buy a particular product or service or make them sign up for any newsletter or subscription. Such campaigns are widely referred to as “traffic generating” or “lead generating” campaigns.

So, what are the goals of traffic generating/lead generating campaigns?

a. Urge clients to purchase products and services

b. Generate leads through the contact details of customer gathered by the sign-up

c. Boosting the traffic flow to the website and give more exposure

To generate leads and increase sales many entrepreneurs put to use keyword-focused campaign. This is often done on Google Search Network and Google Display Network.

Google Search Network

While advertising your business or project on the Google Search Network, the ads show up on the Google search results on the web. Entrepreneurs select the keywords that are associated with their business, setting bids. Therefore when users or potential customers search for a particular keyword, if your ad is associated with it, it will show up in the search results.

Google AdWords

AdWords give users the ability to make the business ads show up on other search sites as well and not just Google Search. AdWords display ads appear on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps, so your ad can show up wherever your audience is. This inevitably gives your business ads a greater exposure by delivering high-quality traffic to it and helping your business generate leads.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network deals with contextual targeting that directs a business’s advertising campaign to those specific web pages that is similar and relevant to your advertising themes. Through this contextual targeting, specific keywords of a business campaign are matched and contrasted with other web pages on the web. With Google Display Network, the advertising campaign’s message catches interests of customers who are searching for similar products or service on the internet.

SEO Tools

SEO plays a major marketing role in boosting traffic to a business’s website. It improves a particular website’s search ranking in the search engines that the user’s use. Keywords are the building blocks of SEO. In this way, it helps generate leads and gives your website greater visibility to potential customers. This inadvertently boosts sales, as more potential customers visit the business’s website. Despite the emergence of many marketing tools and strategies, SEO remains to be the most effective tool.

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